Online Training / Nutrition program

What’s included:

– Customized Nutrition Program

– Customized Supplement Program

– Customized Training Program :

  1. Weight training split based on your schedule, goals, available equipment etc.
  2. Cardio Schedule

– Personal Counseling : Competition Makeup and hair, tanning, advice on proper suit based on your body type, hair color, skin tone

– Guidance for the Peek week and day of show

– Post contest analysis

– “Before” photos and then ongoing weekly progress photos

– Changes/modifications to your diet and training program as necessary

Ongoing physique assessments to target strengths and weaknesses- Weekly email consultations to ensure all questions are answered


1.Month-to-month Online Training and Nutrition program:

1 month: $350
2 month program (paid in full): $650
3 month program (paid in full): $1000

2.Nutritional Program Only

1. One single diet /nutritional program customized specifically for you (your current level of activities, condition, goals…etc).
Program will be adapted according to your daily schedule/routine.
This option includes ONE email consultation (usually week after you start following the plan). Purpose of this consultation is do to a little corrections if needed (number of the meals, portion size, eventually replacement of some meals…etc).
PRICE : $100/single nutritional program
2. Monthly Nutritional Program with online check ins every Monday via email.
Usually my clients send me the progress photos (front, side and back pose in swimsuit ) and body weight. Than we discuss about possible changes and adjustments on their plan according to the goals.


$300/2 month
$400/3 month


3. Posing Technique and Stage Presence/ 1h sessions


PRICE: $75/1h session


***Payment is made through Paypal using this email address:
MUST choose option on Paypal for “Family/Friends”